Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 34 - Swimming Upstream

Uploaded by Laura Sheehy

I only had one goal in mind: to go swimming. The warning signs were read and understood. I was ready. However, today was not going to be an easy day to get into the pool. My pool key did not work! I walked to the office, and found out the locks had been changed. I did not believe this would present a challenge. The manager said she didn't have any spare keys. But, maybe the resident who had turned in some keys had a pool key. She also had multiple keys on a key ring. So off I went again. I tried all of the keys, more than I could easily count. None of the keys worked. Next came the handyman. He had a ring of keys, but none fit the pool lock. The reason I wanted to go swimming was how high the temperature was. I was sweating in my swimsuit, which is never a pleasant feeling. The handyman said he had a pool key in his apartment. So off he went. He returned with a key that worked! Finally I could cool off. But I had to go back to the office later to get a key after he made copies. After all the sweating, I was determined to enjoy the cool water, which I did!

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