Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 30 - Photo Chasing

Uploaded by Laura Sheehy

So, have you ever seen the beginnings of a beautiful sunset and then tried to find the perfect place to watch and capture it? Tonight I was headed home, and the sky was filled with color. The sun was not quite setting, but clouds gave the illusion, giving the sun places to hide and shine. The journey began. I started thinking about catching a few good shots of the sunset, but where to do it? I was traveling up a hill with no good stopping places and trying to head west to remove obstacles. I wandered a neighborhood trying to locate a clear perspective with no success. The colors were amazing including purple hues with the standard sunset colors. I could not find an unobstructed place to capture the vision before me. I continued driving towards home, which luckily had me westward bound. I thought I might have to give up as the colors started to fade, but, with a new thought, drove on. When I arrived at what I had hoped would be the perfect spot, the colors weren't there and the spot was not so ideal. At this point, I gave up. I made a quick stop for a snack. As I came out of the place, I looked up. The sky was filled with color, and I had a front row seat. I pulled out my camera and snapped a few pictures. I sat down to enjoy my snack and the view and continued taking pictures. Sometimes the search for the ideal ends up revealing a more precious prize.

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